Preemptive Strike – Day 25

🎶 It’s a new season.
It’s a new day.
Fresh anointing, is coming my way.
It’s a season of power and prosperity.
It’s a new season, coming to me. 🎶
Israel Houghton and New Breed

That song is on repeat in my head this morning. Maybe because I’m about to start another decade. Maybe because 2019 had its challenges and I am ready for a new season. Maybe because I’m speaking on navigating seasons on Sunday.

But I must remind myself that season are not governed by clocks and calendars. A new season doesn’t begin simply because the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. I promise you, if you are depressed at 11:59 pm, without a move of God, you will still be depressed at 12:01 am.

Sometimes seasons change because of our circumstances – children leave, jobs change, moves occur, babies are born, loved ones die. Often in life, we have no control over the seasons in our life. But when this happens we have to choose how to navigate the change. Do we cling to our past or do we embrace our future?

But then there are times a new season can begin with a mindset change. There are times when we can stand up and declare, “Today begins a new season. Today I choose to let go of the past and look toward to my future. Today I choose to forgive. Today, I choose to let go of bitterness and choose joy. Today I choose to no longer be a victim but walk as a victor. Today I choose to stop being a doormat and set boundaries. Today, I choose to walk in a new season.”

Now regardless to whether your new season is because of circumstances or because of a mindset change, it requires walking it out. It requires cooperating with the Holy Spirit. It requires being uncomfortable at times. It requires risk. It may even get worse before it gets better.

But God has a new season for you. He has a new day waiting for you with fresh anointing. He wants to give you a season of power and prosperity. But we must cooperate.

Let’s pray.

“Father we are thankful we have lived to see a new decade. Open our eyes to see what you will accomplish in this new season.

In this new decade our eyes are on you. We set our affections upon you. We trust you. Therefore we surrender. We surrender our need to understand. We surrender our limited dreams. Lord, in this new season, we say, “Have your way.” We trust you with this new season.

In this new season, we ask for a greater revelation of your love. A deeper understanding of our identity in you. More intimacy with you. In this new season, let us experience breakthroughs, miracles, and salvations. Let us be set free from the lies of the enemy, from past hurts, and bitterness.

In this new season, give us wisdom to cooperate with you. Let us not shy back when this new season has its difficulties. But let us be strong and courageous as we persevere forward. Keep reminding us that we will walk in the fullness, little by little. So let us not grow weary.

Father, it is new season. Not because of a calendar change but because of a mindset change. I choose today, to enter a season of joy, hope, Love, anticipation, power, and freedom. Amen.”

Check out the song here.