Vacation Bible School 2023

We finished an amazing week of Vacation Bible Study! So much fun. We ministered to about 50 children over the week and had volunteers from over 10 different churches. But last night, we also encountered some harsh realities.

Three young ladies showed up at the park not knowing we were having VBS but just to hang out. We invited them to join us and they did reluctantly. Two of them quickly engaged and joined the group. The third stood afar with a sobering expression. Finally, I engaged her and immediately the tears began to flow. She wouldn’t share her story, all I know is she was hurting. I prayed with her and shared the love of God. She said she was a Christian. I don’t remember her name but I remember her pain.

If you think about her today, please pray for her. God knows her name.

There was a child who called another child obscene names. I had to remind the child who called the name who he was and then remind the other child as well. The Name caller is hurting because I suspect he has been bullied. The one who was called the name is hurting because he has a tender heart and wants to be accepted. Please pray for both boys.

A parent was dealing with excessive pain. A group of us surrounded her and prayed. The headache she had been suffering with all day left. We prayed for her complete freedom from pain. Please pray she will experience complete healing.

Thank you for all who supported VBS with prayers, your finances, your time. Thank you for helping us be the hands, the feet, the mouth, the heart of Jesus. Thank you.

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It Was More Than Food
Fill the Gap Outreach
We agreed to meet in the parking lot of McDonald’s. I had never met her but had a suspicion she was homeless. My suspicion was confirmed when she said she was driving an RV.
Young. Pretty. Mom. Widow. Homeless.
Her husband died at the end of 2021 from complications of Covid. Due to a series of events, she lost her home, her job, her security. She never dreamed in a million years, this would be her life – raising a child alone and living in a camper.
When I opened the trunk and she saw the bag of groceries we were offering, she became teary-eyed up and leaned against my car for support. She was overwhelmed.
In the parking lot of McDonalds, we prayed together. I wish there was more I could do practically. But perhaps I did the most important thing, I prayed for her. Will you join me?
Her story is just one of many that was touched by your generosity this weekend when you gave to our Fill the Gap event. Your donations, your prayers, your volunteering touched the lives of many. You gave more than food.
Here is a summary:
1. 54 families and 130 children fed.
2. We connected a young woman facing eviction to a church who helped her pay rent.
3. We connected a young woman whose water was about to be turned off to an organization who helped her pay her bill.
4. We helped a domestic abuse survivor get a living room set for her new apartment.
5. A pre-Christian volunteer witnessed the Body of Christ actually acting like Christ.
You contributed so much more than food. Thank you.

Mexico Outreach

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