Who Are You?

Knowing your identity - who God says you are - is crucial if you are to be victorious in the kingdom of God. When you know your identity, the enemy can’t make you play defense when you are made to play offense. When you know who you are, the enemy can’t successfully get you to play the game his way - lie, steal, fear, take short cuts, covet, be anxious….

The Real Story

When I didn’t deserve it, when I had fallen, when I was sinking, the Father was gracious toward me. The Father showed mercy, granted me favor, was kind, and granted forgiveness. The Father, kissed my boo boo, held my hand and together we walked back to a place of health.
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Love Like Jesus

I don’t know about you, but this extreme heat we have been experiencing makes me very grateful for heaven. Yesterday driving in my car, I began thinking about heaven and why wouldn’t everyone want to go. This thought led me to think about evangelizing, and then this sadness came upon me. Why are people so hostile toward “good news”? I know, Christians have been persecuted since, well, Jesus. But I...

Jesus’ Perfect Love

People are flawed. God’s love is perfect. How do you interpret John 3:16? God so loved the world in “general.” He loves…Christians. He loves… law abiding citizens. He loves…evangelicals. He loves…Republicans. He loves those who are moral? (We would never say this…but do we act as if this true?) Breaking News: When Jesus said, God loves the world, He meant every single person in this world. Every single person was...

Dream Walking

I have this annoying habit of watching Marvel and Disney movies and finding spiritual lessons. The other day, I watched the newest Dr. Strange movie, Multiverse of Madness. Once again, I found myself writing a sermon based on the movie. In this latest Marvel Movie, they introduced a term – Dream Walking. It is the process of going into various universes while you are sleeping, trying to find the “perfect...