A Declaration of Faith

I live in the shelter of the Most High.

I find rest in His Shadow.
He is my refuge, my place of shelter, my God.
I trust in Him alone.

He rescues me from every trap and protects me from every disease.
He covers me with His feathers, shields me with his wings.
His promises are my armor and my protection.
Therefore I will not fear disease, terrorist, nor disaster.
No matter what disaster surrounds me, I will not fear. I will trust in Him.

I will make the Lord, Most High my refuge, my shelter.
No evil will plaque me, no disaster will come near my home.
The Lord will send angels to protect me and my family wherever we go.

I love the Lord. He is my rescue.
I trust the Lord. He is my protector.
When I call upon the Lord, He answers.
He will be with me in trouble.
He will rescue me and honor me.
He will satisfy me with a long and healthy life.
I will enjoy the fullness of His Salvation
This is my declaration of Psalm 91. The world is a scary place. But this Psalm was written by Moses while Israel was still living in the wilderness. If you think about the life of Moses, all of these promises held true, even though Moses never left the wilderness.

It may seem as if the world is in chaos, but like Moses, we take shelter in the Most High. We trust in the Lord and not allow the wilderness into our hearts.

All of His promises are yes, and amen.