Hopeful New Year

I have a love – hate relationship with the beginning of a New Year.

I love the mindset accompanied with the New Year – a time to restart. A New Year promises a new season, new opportunities, fresh hope. It provides us with a time to reflect, an opportunity to dream, an invitation to change. At midnight we all hope and pray this New Year we will be better, more productive, more successful! This will be the year, resolutions are met!

But the New Year can also be difficult. As we reflect on the previous year, there can be regrets and disappointments. For some of us there is the realization that there are fewer New Years ahead than behind and it may feel as if our dreams are slipping away. This makes dreaming, it makes hoping more difficult.

This year I am feeling especially melancholy as my body seems to be betraying me and I have so much more I want to see and do on this side of heaven.

So how will I navigate this New Year’s Eve? Will I meditate on 2022’s disappointments, regrets, un-dones or will I focus on the possibilities of 2023?

I think I will do both.

I’m going to spend the day worshipping, given thanks, and praying (while I clean and cook).

I will reflect on the past year. I will celebrate my successes and I will analyze areas where I could have done better. I will make a plan to do better in the New Year. (Remember, God is not like Cinderella’s Godmother. His promises does not end at midnight on New Year’s Eve.)

I will dream with God for 2023. I will hope for a better tomorrow. I will believe for the miraculous. I will pray for doors and wombs to open. I will believe this year I will see dreams come to past. This year will be better, more productive, more successful. This will be the year I fulfill my resolution!

Friends, I know it’s hard, but let’s go into the New Year hopeful! I know the last three years have been downright hard, but don’t allow the past to steal your dreams. I invite you to Dream again. Imagine again. Hope again!

Pray with me:

Father we are thankful we have lived to see a new year. Open our eyes to see what you will accomplish in 2023. Let us dream with you.

In 2023 give us a greater revelation of your love. A deeper understanding of our identity in you. More intimacy with you.

Father we ask that 2023 be a year of breakthroughs, miracles, open doors, and salvations.

We declare, 2023 will be a year of freedom – freedom from the lies of the enemy, from past hurts, and bitterness.

In 2023, give us wisdom to cooperate with you. Let us not shy back when this year has its difficulties. But let us be strong and courageous as we persevere forward. Keep reminding us that we will walk in the fullness, little by little. So let us not grow weary.

Father, we declare 2023 will be a year full of joy, hope, love, patience, peace, kindness, goodness, and self-control. In 2023 we will walk in love, power, and freedom. We will hope. We will dream. We will anticipate. Amen.”

Have a Hopeful New Year!