When you think you are ‘POOR’ you won’t ‘POUR’.  Stephen Furtick

If we think we have nothing to give – financially, spiritually – we tend to hold on tightly to what we have. And of course the enemy is quick to tell us things like, “Let the Pastor pray, she is more anointed than you.” Or “Let the teacher lead a study, he knows the Bible better than you.” Or “Let the prophet prophesy, she hears from God better than you.” Or “Your little offering of two dollars won’t make a dent in the need.” So we are hesitant to give, believing the lie our gift is insignificant.

Last month, I missed church three Sundays in a row due to traveling. When I finally made it to church, I sat in the back thinking, “I have nothing to give. Lord, just let me sit back here and receive.” I was believing a lie. I was believing that I could only minister from a place of fullness. It’s like believing you car will only run if it has a full tank of gas. (I know from experience you can drive for a couple of days with the gas light on.) I thought I was poor so I was not willing to pour. 

But God sent Michael, one of  my sons in the Spirit, over to ask me to pray with him for someone. Everything in me wanted to say no. I wanted to say to Michael, “I need someone to pray for me.” I was hesitant to pour. But I agreed. I gave out of my need. I gave God the little I had and you know what happened? God used me to speak a powerful healing word to someone.

So here are a few takeaways I want to share with you.

1. You are never POOR. God has equipped you with EVERY spiritual blessing you need. He has made you sufficient to carry the message of Jesus. Even when you are tired, disappointed, in the midst of a storm, in need, the truth remains – Greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world. You always have something to offer.

2. The comparison game kills. It will either make you feel defeated or inflated. Jesus was pleased when the widow gave her small offering. It is not the size of your offering, it is your willingness to pour, especially when you yourself need pouring into.

3. It is our job as leaders to give others opportunities to pour. We are to encourage others to take the lead in praying, administrating, teaching, prophesying, serving. We are to remind others of the gifts God has placed within them.

So friends go out today and pour. Generously give away what God has generously given you. And here is a truth – you can’t out give God. As you pour into others, God will pour into you. I walked into church after a three week absence feeling tired, in need. Once I poured into someone else, I left feeling energized and refreshed. I walked in feeling POOR but I POURed and left RICH. 

“For if the intention and desire are there, the size of the gift doesn’t matter. Your gift is fully acceptable to God according to what you have, not what you don’t have.”

2 Corinthians 8:12 TPT

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