From Trouble to Hope

“And there I will give her her vineyards and make the Valley of Achor a door of hope.” Hosea‬ ‭2:15‬a ESV‬‬

The valley of Achor represents shame, disobedience, failure, mistakes, greed, defeat, regret, punishment, death. (Joshua 7). It is translated the valley of trouble. It is the epitome of our past pain, hurts, discomforts, regrets.

But only God can take a place of destruction and plant a vineyard in its place. Only God can take the ruins of our lives and plant seeds of joy.

I find it is interesting that God gave a vineyard but not the wine itself. A vineyard is the promise of wine. But to produce the wine will take reaping, crushing, fermenting (breaking down) and patience. Oh but what a sweet wine it will be because it was fertilized in the valley of Our troubles. God doesn’t waste our pain.

We stand in the Valley of Trouble; we stand on our past pain, our past hurt, our past destruction and cultivate our vineyard. As we triumph over our past by tending to our vineyard, a door opens. It’s the door of Hope. A door that promises overflow of wine, restoration, healing, better days.

Are you in the valley of Achor today? See your vineyard. It’s there because God promised. Don’t despise the work it will require to cultivate it. Partner with the Holy Spirit and begin turning the vines into wine.

Have you begun cultivating your vineyard? Envision your wine. Imagine how sweet and refreshing it will be. Envision sharing your overflow of wine with those around you.

Are you enjoying your vineyard? Be generous. Freely give away vats of wine. Come along side of others who may still be in the valley or just begun cultivating and coach them to their overflow. Help them see the door of Hope.