Preemptive Strike – Day 15

A Prayer for our Nation

Father, we thank you that the joy of the Lord is our strength. You have given your people grace to rejoice in every situation and to see you at work in every circumstance. So Father, we place this nation in your hands and we trust you will bless and keep us. We know, despite what this nation may be facing at this moment, all things will work together for our good, because this is a nation where many of its citizens love you and are called according to your purposes.

Father, fill us with your joy. Lead us, as a nation, in paths of righteousness, Let us do what is just and right for all our citizens.

Father, you are El-Shaddai, Lord God All-mighty. You are Jehovah Jireh and I know Father that you will supply all of this nation’s needs from your unlimited resources. We are your children and you give to us generously and abundantly. So Father, we rest in you. We do not strive, nor are we anxious about tomorrow. We trust you will provide all that we need.

You are our Shepherd. We shall not lack any good thing. Father you will not withhold any good thing from us, therefore, we ask for justice to prevail in our court systems, equality for all people, opportunities for jobs to abound, affordable solutions to healthcare, the Good News of Jesus preached, hatred extinguished, love to abound.

We ask that we would unite as a nation. Protect our borders and this land. Let no weapon formed against this country prosper. Let this country be a leader in commerce, a leader in education, a leader in medical advancement, a leader in technology, but most importantly, let us be a leader in kindness, mercy, and Demonstrating the love of God. God bless America. Amen.