Too Wonderful?

I heard a story of a couple separating because of infidelity. I immediately assumed it was the husband.

I began to judge the husband in my heart. I assumed the worst about him.

Now, does that make me a man hating sexist? No. But because I kind of didn’t like the husband before and I assumed men cheat more than women, I created a narrative in my head that was not true.

This happens everyday with African Americans. White society has created narratives in their head about people of color and those narratives drive decisions.

Who will be hired.
Who will be promoted.
How much force is needed in an arrest.
Who do we call the dogs on in an ordinary traffic stop.
How do we handle protestors.
How long a prison sentence someone deserves.
The list goes on.

Does that mean people making these decisions are POC hating racists? Probably not. But the narrative in their head assumes the worse of POC.

How do we rewrite those narratives in our hearts and heads?

1. Develop meaningful relationships with POC.
2. Recognize your propensity for bias. (We all have it. No guilt. No shame.) Then ask yourself, “Am I seeing this situation through my bias?”
3. Ask questions. Listen. Be slow to judge. Love.
4. Educate yourself on the subtle ways POC have been oppressed in this country and don’t dismiss it.
5. See every person as a creation of God.

Watching the looting, the violence, and the discord, and hearing the response of our president makes me sad. I feel hopeless and think America will never rise above this. But then I hear the voice of God asking: “Is there anything too wonderful for God?”

Is racial reconciliation in America too wonderful for God?
Is a nation that values and loves all of its citizens too wonderful for God?
Is a society that embraces and honors our differences too wonderful for God?

Nothing is too hard for My God. Nothing is too wonderful for My God. Therefore I hope.

“Is any thing too wonderful for Jehovah?”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭18:14‬ ‭YLT