The Storm

We delayed our departure because of the storm.

We literally circled the airport, flying aimlessly for an hour because of the effects of the storm.

Once we landed, we waited hours for our connecting flight because of the storm.

Finally we landed at our destination in the wee hours of the morning. Tired. Inconvenienced. Frustrated. Because of the storm.

We landed safely because we wisely decided to fly above the storm. We landed without mishap because we had the wisdom to wait for the storm to pass as all storms do.

Excited, we deplaned at our destination.
Thrilled, we greeted our loved ones.

We had weathered the storm and come out a little storm-tossed but stronger. Wiser. Grateful.

Storms come. They disrupt plans. They make you wander if you will ever get to your destination. They make you question your decision to begin the journey in the first place. They make you long for the comfort and safety of home.

But if you allow it, the storm will teach you a thing or two.
If you look real close, you will see Jesus walking in the midst of the storm. And if you are brave enough, daring enough, you will see yourself walking in the storm as well.

Is a storm brewing around you? Remember you are seated in heavenly places above the storm. As you wait for the storm to subside (and it will), learn a thing or two, exert your faith muscles, see Jesus in the midst and find a reason to be thankful.

In this life, storms will arise. They may delay you according to your timetable but they cannot prevent you from reaching your destination. Only you can do that.