The Father’s Heart

My reading this morning was in Leviticus 23. I know, boring. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the laws we can fail to see the heart of the Father within the laws. Yes, as New Testament Christians, we are no longer under the law, but the heart of the Father remains the same. As I read Leviticus this morning, I noticed the heart of the Father for His children. 

1. God values rest. He rested on the seventh day as a model for us. I believe it’s important for us to practice a day of rest. I’m horrible at this and today’s society does not lend well to this practice. But we all need find a way to have a day of rest.

2. God values celebrating. We are encouraged to celebrate and remember the blessings of God upon our lives. This promotes gratitude and is a witness of Jesus in this world. Remember his goodness leads others to repentance.

3. God values generosity towards the poor and down trodden. 

4. God values the atonement of sin. For Old Testament believers, this was obtained through the blood of bulls and goats. It required regular sacrifice. But we have a more perfect sacrifice, the blood of Jesus. We are forever cleansed by the blood. This is a gift to us. God’s heart is that we recognize what has been given to us freely, and act upon it. We can now boldly enter into the throne room of grace. We have open access to the Father. He values when we take full advantage of this truth. He values relationship with us.

My prayer this morning: Father, let your heart’s desires be my heart’s desires. Give me the wisdom to rest. Give me the joy to celebrate. Give me opportunities to bless others. Remind me daily your scepter is always extended toward me. Amen.