Stay In Your Lane

Yesterday morning, as I was driving to work, I was prayerlaining (complaining disguised as prayer) to the Holy Spirit. He let me go on for a few minutes and then He showed me something beautiful in a bible story. Something I had never seen or heard before. Something that had absolutely nothing to do with what I was prayerlaining about.

The Holy Spirit was reminding of my purpose which is to equip through the Word!

I guess, it was the Holy Spirit’s way of kindly telling me, “Stay in your lane, baby girl. You do what I call you to do and trust me with the rest.”

If you find yourself prayerlaining, go back to the Word. Allow the Word of God to define your situation not the other way around. Do what God has called you to do and let the Trinity do the rest. They are fighting on your behalf. Stay in your lane.

“Open my eyes to see the miracle-wonders hidden in your word.
Lord, I’m fading away. I’m discouraged and lying in the dust; revive me by your word, just like you promised you would.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:18, 25‬ ‭TPT‬‬