Remember Who You Are

Friends, lately I have been asking some hard questions of you and of myself. This election season has challenged me. My emotions have run high and I have had to scroll past many posts when my inner teacher wanted to stop and drop Truth. I didn’t because I couldn’t find a way to wrap that truth in kindness.

So this morning, I want to ask you another hard question. This question is specific to my friends who identify as Christians. 

“As a prisoner of the Lord, in this political chaos, are you walking holy, in a way that is suitable to your high rank, given to you in your divine calling?” Paraphrase of Ephesians 4:1 TPT

Are you walking Holy? 

Are you practicing what you have preached for the last four years and honoring those in authority? Even if you don’t agree their authority is official?

Are you being loving to those who disagree with you or are you unfriending and unfollowing?

Are you seeking to see the good in others or are you searching for dirt that further solidifies your narrative?

Are you enjoying the hard words of the Lord or are you sitting in the seat with mockers?

Are you easily forgiving or are you recalling offenses? 

Are your words promoting unity or division? 

Are you walking in way that reminds others of who you are? Let me remind you of who you are:

You are a son or a daughter. 

You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

You are not blue or red but purple because you are a royal priesthood. 

You are obedient.

You submit, one to another. 

You forgive freely because you have been freely forgiven.

You speak words that bring life. 

You comfort. You love. You give.

You have not been given a spirit of fear but power, love, and self-control.

You are a representation of Christ.

You are a sweet aroma carrying the fragrance of Christ.

My Christian friends, we do not have the luxury of comparing ourselves to non-believers. God wants your best not your better than. 

Even when you don’t understand what is happening. Even when you think life is unfair. Even when you think evil abounds. Even when you fear your liberties are being eroded, Paul’s words still apply:

“As a prisoner of the Lord, I plead with you to walk holy, in a way that is suitable to your high rank, given to you in your divine calling.”

Ephesians 4:1 TPT