When God GPS Your Steps

The Pharisees were indignant. How dare Jesus heal on the Sabbath? How dare he show compassion to the sick and hurting on a day set aside for rest? Jesus’ defense was simple, “I speak to you timeless truth. The Son is not able to do anything from himself or through my own initiative. I only do the works that I see the Father doing, for the Son does the same works as his Father.” (John 5:19 TPT)

Jesus journeyed out of his way to resurrect this widow’s son. He traveled through Samaria which was generally avoided by Jews to minister to the woman at the well. He traveled to Tyre, a Gentile region, to encounter a woman whose daughter was possessed (Mark 7:24-29). Jesus was compelled by compassion but the Father ‘GPSed’ his steps.

As we encounter the hungry, the homeless, the sick, the down trodden, our question should always be, “Father what would you like for me to do in situation. How can I join in on what you have begun?” Jesus healed people in a varieties of ways – a word (Matt 8:13), a touch (Luke 5:12 & 13), and a saliva concoction (John 9:6). Perhaps his varied healing styles were also ministering to a deeper need of the individual. Let us approach ministry in the same way. Lord, give me wisdom to minister to the deeper issues of the heart. GPS my steps. Guide my actions.

Excerpt from “Touched – When Jesus invades a Woman’s Heart

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