Planted Not Forgotten

After spending years in prison for something he didn’t do, Joseph finally gets a break. The king placed his cupbearer and baker in prison. Each have a dream which Joseph correctly interprets. When the cupbearer is restored, Joseph has one request: Tell Pharaoh about me. Yet the cupbearer forgot about Joseph.

Have you ever felt forgotten? You are working hard but others are promoted over you. You have prayed and believed but the sickness linger. You are trying to be financially responsible but things keep breaking. You take a step out of the boat, but instead of walking, you need rescuing. Have you ever felt as if God has forgotten you?

As I was reading this story this morning, I felt as if God spoke two things to me:

1. You are never a forgotten child. God knows your name. He knows your address. He feels your pain. Your tears go before him like a fragrant incense. What may feel like abandonment is actually you have been planted in the ground like a seed for a season.

God is watering you, nurturing you, tilling your soil, preparing you to sprout. He is preparing you to breakthrough the hard ground, sprout then blossom. Into a life bearing oak tree. A tree that offers shade to those who are weary, fruit to those who are broken, balm to those are sick.

Joseph was not forgotten by God and neither are you. You have been planted but you are about to sprout.

2. Your breakthrough is at hand. For two years the cupbearer forgot about Joseph but suddenly, when the time was right, suddenly when the country needed a Joseph, suddenly when everything had aligned perfectly, suddenly when Pharaoh’s heart was desperate enough to receive an outcast, the cupbearer remembered.

I feel as if God is saying, NOW. Now is the time your name will be remembered by influencers. Now is the time seeds sown will take root and sprout. Now is the time your faithfulness will produce a promotion. Now is the time for breakthrough.

Sixteen years Joseph waited. Sixteen years between the dream and the fulfillment. Sixteen years of being separated from family, alone, planted. But oh, the beautiful sprout that came forth. His breakthrough saved a nation. His breakthrough restored his family. His breakthrough left a legacy that resounds through history. His time of planting was hard but his breakthrough sweet.

Your season of planting is over. You are about to enter a season of breakthrough. You are about to be remembered.

Genesis 40 & 41.

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