Bible or Hallmark Movie?

Genesis 19 is just a bizarre chapter. I read most of the chapter with an expression of disgust, thinking, “If this were a TV show, I would have turned it off.” It’s weird when you think you need to watch a Hallmark Movie to cleanse your pallet from a Bible reading.

How does an entire town unite and decide to sexually assault strangers visiting your town? Was there a town meeting or something? That would never happen in a Hallmark Movie (especially where the only black person in the town is the Mayor.)

But what really disturbed me was the so-called hero’s response, “Take my two virgin daughters instead.” What!!???

And just when you think this chapter can’t get anymore distasteful, it ends with two daughters seducing their dad. Yuck. Just Yuck!!

And just as I am ready to close my Bible App and watch a Hallmark Movie, I read these words: “So both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father. The firstborn gave birth to a son and named him Moab. He is the father of the Moabites of today.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭19:36-37‬ ‭CSB‬‬

Ruth was a Moabite. King David’s lineage and therefore, Jesus’s lineage started with this yucky, hot mess of a situation. Reminding me once again, God can redeem our mistakes. No matter how big. No matter how yucky. No matter what a Hot Mess it is.

I woke up this morning with feelings of regret. Not sure why. But a restless night tends to bring lots of unwanted thoughts. But I believe God is using my sleepless night to bring a word of encouragement this morning.

If regret is plaguing your heart this morning, if disappointment is knocking at your door, if anger about what was done to you is festering, if you feel as if your life was hijacked by someone else’s decision, God is saying,

“My Child, give me your failures, your missteps, your mistakes, your broken heart, your hurts, your choices, and I will redeem it. I will restore beautifully. I will give you joy for your ashes, dancing for your heaviness. If I can bring restoration and redemption from a daughter seducing her father, surely I can redeem your situation. I am rebuilding the desolate cities of your heart. I am making you an oak of Righteousness. I am the God who heals. I am the God who redeems. I am the God who restores. I am your Father. No regrets, My Child.”

Blessings this morning my Facebook Friends.