Doubts Will Not Win

Why do we allow doubt to win?

Peter was granted permission to walk on water. An amazing and miraculous feat. It defied the laws of gravity and physics. I think it’s also interesting, Peter’s desire to walk on water was purely for fun. It was not like he wanted to cross the sea to save a dying man. It just looked fun and Jesus said, “You, too can walk on water.”

But that’s not my point.

Peter is walking on water. He is doing the thing. He is having a blast. Then suddenly. He looked at the storm and thought, “I’m not supposed to be able to do this. This is impossible. I’ve been a fisherman all of my life. I know water cannot be walked upon.” In that moment, his doubts and logic overruled his faith and he began to sink.

Jesus’ question to Peter, is his question to us….”Why did you let doubt win?”

Has God granted you permission to start a ministry, pray for the sick, lead a study, start a business, write a book, start a career, go on a mission’s trip, expand a business, take a leap of faith? But your eyes are on the storm. Your mind is thinking of all the reasons you can’t. Those thoughts are okay, just DON’T LET YOUR DIUBTS WIN!

Think about this, when Peter began to sink, did Jesus let him drown? Did Jesus look at Peter with arms folded, shaking his head in derision and say, ”You are going to drown if you don’t gain faith to walk”? NO! Jesus reached out his hand, grabbed Peter and TOGETHER they WALKED back to the boat.

Don’t let your doubts win and keep you from having the fullness of God! Don’t allow your doubts keep you in the boat. Step out in faith knowing that even if you flounder, Jesus is there, extending his hand and helping you walk on the water.

Don’t allow your doubts to win!

“Jesus immediately stretched out his hand and lifted him up and said, “What little faith you have! Why would you let doubt win?””
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭14:31‬ ‭TPT‬‬

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