Overcome Doubt

Do you have a situation in your life that you have been praying about for a long time? You’ve asked God to remedy, restore, remove to no avail. You’ve cried out for provision, promotion, prosperity and yet it seems as if you cries have fallen on deaf ears.

They have not. But while you are waiting for your breakthrough to come, you can become weary in the wait.

This man brought his son to Jesus and was probably a little disappointed he got the second string. He was then further frustrated that the disciples could not heal his son. He was probably thinking, “I knew this was a mistake. I should not have gotten my hopes up. My child will always be demon oppressed.”

Have you ever felt like that? You’ve gone from conference to conference and still you are no better. You’ve read the books, you’ve said the “words”, you’ve prayed, you’ve worship, you’ve followed the formula and still your situation remained the same.

That is where Jesus met this boy’s father. He met him in his doubts, in his uncertainty. And in the presence of Jesus, this father uttered a profound prayer. “I believe. Help me overcome my unbelief.

First, he acknowledged he had faith. So often, I hear Christians declare when they are in a tight spot, “My faith is gone or I have no faith.” Well, that’s a lie. If you have Jesus you have faith. Faith has been imparted to each of us. In the middle of a difficult circumstance, begin to declare: “I believe. I have faith.” Even in this father’s frustration, he could declare, “I believe.”

Secondly, he acknowledged along with the faith there was doubt. But he didn’t give into the doubt. Every time you step out in faith, you will experience both faith and doubt. Don’t let the doubt win. This father understood, the doubt could be overcome. He refused to allow the doubt to win. You don’t have to deny your doubts, just go into the presence of Jesus and overcome the doubts.

If you have become battle weary, know your breakthrough is on its way. If doubt is trying to trump faith, pray this with me: “Lord I believe. Help me overcome my unbelief.”

“Jesus said to him, “[You say to Me,] ‘If You can?’ All things are possible for the one who believes and trusts [in Me]!” Immediately the father of the boy cried out [with a desperate, piercing cry], saying, “I do believe; help [me overcome] my unbelief.””
‭‭MARK‬ ‭9:23-24‬ ‭AMP‬‬