How Will You Respond?

I’m thinking this morning about Judas and Jesus.

Why did Jesus allow Judas to be in charge of the money if he were a thief? When it was discovered he was stealing, why not remove him from his duties? These questions are not meant to question Jesus’ competence but to understand His grace and mercy.

Jesus knew Judas was thinking about betraying him, yet Jesus washed Judas’ feet signifying Judas was HIS. Was Jesus giving Judas the opportunity to repent and not go through with it?

When Jesus signified Judas was the one who would betray Him, was He giving Judas one more opportunity to look in His eyes and change his mind.

As Judas was betraying Jesus, Jesus looked at him and called him friend. Was this Jesus’ attempt to remind Judas of who he was called to be. Jesus did not see Judas as a betrayer but a friend.

How Jesus interacted with Judas, is how He interacts with each of us. Even when we are unfaithful, He is faithful. He doesn’t remove us from our calling just because we may mess up from time to time.

He called Judas to be the treasurer and even though Judas abused Jesus’ trust, Jesus did not remove him from his post. The gifts of God are irrevocable. God doesn’t remove the gifts He has given us when we mess up.

Jesus accepted Judas as one of His. Even when Judas was contemplating doing the unspeakable, betraying his friend, Jesus humbled himself and washed his feet. When we sin, Jesus doesn’t disown us. He reminds us we are His.

While Judas is betraying Jesus. Jesus still calls him friend. In the middle of your deepest, darkest transgression, Jesus looks at you and calls you friend.

We have a choice. This great love, this faithfulness, this grace can lead us to repentance, to run into His arms, and receive his forgiveness or we can believe the lie we aren’t worthy of such great love and run away.

Judas chose to run away and go through with his treachery.

How will you respond to Jesus’ great love today?