A Word for the Season

What will I do differently this New Year? Loose weight, reduce my debt, travel more, read the word daily, begin journaling? What will I resolve to do this year? Now, I’m not anti New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I have never been disciplined enough to see one through past January 3rd.

But what has remained with me throughout the year has been the prophetic words God has given me for various seasons in my life. At the end of year, I like to stop and ask God to give me a word for the upcoming season. That word becomes my theme for the year, my expectation, my focus.

This year before you make your New Year Resolution, ask God to give you a prophetic word for this season and allow your resolution to agree with His Word.

How Do I Get a Word From God?

1. Quiet yourself and ask him.

2. Write what pops into your head. God’s word for me this year began with one word.

3. Ask God to explain if you don’t understand.

4. God’s word will bring you comfort and edification. If you ask, and the word produces anxiety, it is not from God.

5. Share what you hear with a trusted mentor or friend for confirmation.

After I receive my word for the New Year, I press into it throughout the year. I declare it over my life. I write it and I share it. Instead of me resolving to change, I agree with what God wants to do in my life.

What is God’s word for you in 2019?


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