Healed Hearts

Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted. I know He came to save us from our sins, heal or bodies, give us new life but He also came to heal the broken hearted. (Luke 4)

We all know the story of the woman with an issue of blood. After 12 years of suffering, loosing all she had, she found courage to touch Jesus’ garment and find healing. Have you ever ask, why did Jesus stop and engage this woman? There are other stories where people touched his garment and was healed. But he did not engage them. What made this woman different?

For 12 years this woman had not just been sick, she had been an outcast. Under Jewish law, her sickness made her unclean and therefore void of human contact. Many most likely had accused her of some great sin. Friends and family more than likely had abandoned her. So she approached Jesus – frail, lonely, disappointed, thinking she just needed healing from this sickness. But Jesus healed her heart as well.

Picture the dramatic scene. She has been called out. She makes herself known. Waiting to be condemned, chastised, rejected like she had been so many times these past 12 years she stands before Jesus. But Jesus looks at her, His eyes full of love and compassion and calls her “Daughter.” With one word He eradicated years of seeing herself as a sinner, a burden, as unworthy, and gave her a new identity – daughter. With one word he changed her from rejected to accepted, from alone to a family. Daughter means acceptable to God, rejoicing in God’s peculiar care and protection. He then said, you have done nothing wrong, it’s your faith that has healed you. Now, go in peace – shed years of rejection, disappointment, loneliness. Go not just with a healed body, but with a healed heart.

Do you have a broken heart today? Have you been disappointed, disillusioned, disenfranchised? Has life left you feeling rejected, lonely, condemned? The same Jesus that halted his schedule to engage this hurting woman, is the same Jesus who wants to heal your heart. He sees you. His gaze is fixed on you, his eyes are full of compassion and love. He is singing over you. And He is declaring you are a Daughter (or son), accepted by God, under His care and protection. He has stopped to engage with you. Engage with Him and allow Him to heal your broken heart. That is, after all, why He came.

“and he said to her, `Take courage, daughter, thy faith hath saved thee, be going on to peace.’”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭8:48‬ ‭YLT98‬‬

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