An Invite for the Impossible

When God calls us to do the impossible it’s an incredible invitation, an invitation to co-labor with God for a miracle. It’s an invitation to see the goodness of the Lord up close and personal. It’s an invitation to stretch our faith, and see more of the glory of God. It’s an invitation to be wowed by the love, the goodness, the generosity of God!

Our initial response to Jesus’ request may be “Watcha you talking bout Jesus?” But we can’t stay there. We must open our eyes and see the impossible. We must take a step of faith and walk towards what God has called us to do believing, and trusting, He will provide above and beyond.

Yesterday, we accepted the invitation and saw Satan fall once again like lightning from the sky!

God gave MBoldenMinistries the idea of blessing a community. We had no budget for it, no manpower…just an invitation to go. So we went.

We asked and people donated – Women donated home made candles and soap; Nandi Skin Care donated lip balm. Many women donated chocolates, socks, lotion, sweet smelling hand sanitizers. Many prayed and wrote personalized cards. God provided more than enough.

We invited and people came. Three churches were represented – Peak City Church, Hope Chapel, and the Vineyard Church. We joined together in unity to pray! It was not about building churches but bringing the Kingdom of God to a community. The unity among the churches was so sweet because there was one goal – to magnify God!


The people in the community were hungry for God! We prayed for healing and saw women relieved from emotional and physical pain. Women rededicated their lives to the Lord. One woman received Jesus as her Savior, was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and received her prayer language! God did a mighty work in the lives of many!

It’s an amazing thing when you partner with God to do the impossible! What impossible is God asking you to do?

“For nothing will be impossible with God.””
‭‭Luke‬ ‭1:37‬ ‭CSB‬‬