The Sky Is Blue

The sky is blue.

Why would anyone feel the need to declare such an obvious and simple truth?

Maybe, I live in a remote part of Alaska which may experience darkness for 67 consecutive days. Maybe it’s the 33rd day of darkness and I am desperately trying to remember what daylight looks like. So, to give myself hope, I remind my spirit, “The Sky is blue.”

Maybe I have been in the storm for days upon days. The gray skies are quickly becoming normal. My hope is waning. The storm seems as if it will last always. So in an act of faith, I look up at the sky an in spite of being weathered by the storm, clinging to the little hope I have, I cry out, “The sky is blue!”

Or maybe, I have gone blind. I used to admire the beautiful sky and God’s beautiful canvas of colors. But sickness stole my eyesights. Colors are just a memory but the one fleeing color I remember is the sky is blue. So as darkness abounds I say “the sky is blue” to restore hope.

Let me ask you. In that moment, when I’m clinging to hope, do you feel the need to give me a lesson on astronomy? Do feel the need to remind me that yes, the sky is blue but also the sea, berries, eyes, and a plethora of other God created items? Do you feel compelled to tell me about the time the sky got angry and hailed, damaging your car? Would you tell me how sometimes the sky sleeps and the blue turns to black?

Or could you at that moment, as my friend, my church family, my neighbor, my countrymen hold my hand and agree with me that, “Yes, Melissa, the sky is blue.”

Could you give me that hope in my time of sorrow? I think you could. I believe you would. I am naive enough to believe in you. I truly believe, if I were hurting, grieving, mourning, you would come beside me, hold my hand and whisper in my ear, “The sky is blue, Melissa,” if you thought it would ease my pain.

I believe you want to even now. You agree the sky is blue don’t you? You agree it is a complete sentence that doesn’t need any qualifiers or conjunctions?

Come on. A host of witnesses in heaven is cheering for you. No one is watching. Say it with me:

Black Lives Matter.

Thank you. I don’t understand why but when you acknowledge that with me, it gives me hope that the dark nights are ending quickly, the storm is subsiding and my eyesight is being restored.

Thank you for mourning with me as I mourn.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:15‬ ‭CSB‬‬