Another shooting.
Another political scandal.
Another fallen religious leader.

What can I do?

I’m just a girl.
I’m just a teacher.
I’m just a mom.
Let me stay in my lane.

But then I hear a whisper. “You are not just…”

You are a praying girl. You are a faith-filled girl. You are a daughter of the King. You have been giving authority to subdue darkness, take dominion, to rule, reign, decree. You are not just a girl…You are My girl. You were created to be a solution. You were created to be a kick-butt warrior for the kingdom of God.

You are a praying teacher. You teach the Word of God. You lead people into a greater revelation of who I am. You explain. You correct. You teach My children how to live like Jesus, love like Jesus, heal like Jesus. You have been called by Me for this moment to teach grace, compassion, love, hope, equality, and reconciliation. You were created to teach hard truths. You teach others to walk in the fullness of the kingdom.

You are a praying mom. You mother those you birth and those your heart has adopted. You mentor. You encourage. You protect. You feed. You love. You mother the hurting, the disillusioned, the struggling. You have open arms and wide hips to carry those who need a mom, even if just for a moment.

Who do you think you “just” are?
Just a stay-at-home mom?
Just a dad?
Just a business owner?
Just a server?
Just an administrator?
Just a cashier?
Just a nurse?
Just a retiree?
Just a soldier?
Just a financial planner?

Stop undermining the resurrected power residing within you!

If you are in Christ, you are Not ”just” anything. God created you for a purpose. You were created to be a solution. You were created to be supernatural. You were created to push back darkness, to rule and reign, to fight for justice and equality. You were created to house a living God!

When we stop thinking of ourselves as ordinary and remember we were created to be supernatural, the Jesus in us can be answers to the world woes. Our lane becomes a wide, one-way highway leading others to Jesus while we care for the poor, the sick, the disenfranchised and walk in our gifts.

Let the Holy Spirit whisper in your ear who you are. Let the Holy Spirit reveal the vastness of your lane, my friend. You are not “just a ________.” You are His “supernatural, powerful, uniquely created, beautiful, strong _______, created for this moment.”

Walk in it with humility and confidence.