When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

My daughter’s first Christmas and we’ll be homeless. Our home sold, we have nowhere to move into and we are quickly approaching unemployment.

-No decorating
-No turning down my beautiful long drive and seeing the lights sparkle on my home
-no hanging of my daughters first stocking
-no listening to my grandmother’s Christmas vinyl
-no cozying up on my couch to stare at the tree at night
-no traditions
-no gifts

I already know it’s going to be one of my favorite memories. It’s going to be beautiful and joyous because I’m choosing for it to be. I’m not entering a season of lack or of being displaced. I’m going to learn the true meaning of home and experience Holy Spirit community and provision.

How am I going to usher in the season without any of my normal? How am I going to tune out the world telling me this should be stressful? And if not stressful at least disappointing.

I’m choosing to say yes to the things that really matter this season. I’m saying yes to letting other people love me to fight the lies that something is missing this year. I’m saying yes to doing less so I can experience more. Most of all my family continues to say yes to each other as we say yes to Jesus.

And there is SO much Grace as we walk though this season.

Recently a beautiful friend offered for my family to come decorate her tree with her. “Oh! And will you please make your white hot chocolate?” Our tree trimming tradition, not hers. She loves me so well.

What will your “yes” be this season?

White Hot Chocolate:

-12 oz bag white chocolate chips
– 6 c. Whole milk
-2 c. Heavy cream
-1 tsp. Vanilla

Put white chocolate chips in mixing bowl and set aside. Heat milk and cream in sauce pan over medium heat until bubbles form. Pour mixture over chocolate. As chocolate begins to melt, stir to combine. Whisk in vanilla until a light foam forms.

Makes 8 cups

Amanda Rutter

Amanda and her husband are beginning a new adventure. They are preparing to start a church plant in northern Georgia at the beginning of the year. Right after writing this, the sale of their home fell through. Please pray for them as they begin this exciting journey.

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