What Do You See?

Do you see life as it is or as it could be? Do you see the storm or do you see Jesus walking on water in the storm? Do you see hopelessness or hope? Do you see a horrible past or a glorious future? What do you see?

I heard someone say once, you can’t go where you can’t see. If that’s true, we need to learn to see what God sees. The bible encourages us to look to the hills from where our help comes. In other words, when you are experiencing a valley season, take your eyes off your current problems, take them off of the junk that currently surround you and put your eyes on your Deliverer. Put your eyes squarely on your Savior. See what He is doing.

Often when I am in a valley situation, I will ask God to give me a vision of what things will look like in my promised land. Are you going through a difficult time? Ask God to show you what it will look like on the other side. Ask Him to show you your marriage restored, your child spirit-filled, your finances prospering, your body healed, your book written, your ministry thriving. Then lift up your eyes and see where He is leading you. Allow that vision to propel you into your destiny.

Friends, what do you see this morning? Lift up your eyes and see Jesus!

Lift up my eyes