Today is a Good Day to Hope!

Hope is a funny thing. When everyone sees despair, HOPE sees possibilities. When everyone else sees failure, HOPE envisions the next victory. When lack is obvious to all those around, HOPE declares days of abundance.

HOPE changes the atmosphere.
HOPE sustains us during difficult times.
HOPE believes despite what it sees, hears, thinks.

God is calling us to be prisoners of HOPE, to look past what we see, to not be influenced by past failures, to awake each day and declare “today is a good day for a suddenly.”

I have so many areas in my life where I am a prisoner of HOPE. But I believe in each of those situations God will restore and the enemy will have to give back twice what he has stolen from me. So I declare “Today is a good day for the healing to occur, the child to come back, the door to open, to be restored twice what was stolen. Today is a good day to HOPE!

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