Begin 2017 with Prayer!

We have confidence in prayer. We know when we pray according to His will, He hears and He grants (I John 5:14 – 15). So how do we know His will?

One sure fire way of knowing His will is to pray His word!

I’m starting 31 Days of Prayer and Declarations for myself and my family. For 31 days beginning January 1, I will pray scripture – the prayers of Jesus, the Apostles, prophets and kings – over my life and my children’s lives. Would you like to join with me and pray for your family?

If you do not currently receive my daily blog, subscribe at if you would like to get a daily email with a prayer and declarations for 31 days. If you currently receive my blog, encourage your family and friends to join us in praying daily.

Let’s begin the New Year by praying God’s will and declaring His goodness over our families, our ministries, and our lives. #momentumin2017