Moving Forward in 2017

Momentum. This is the Word God has given me for 2017. Momentum has both magnitude and direction. It is velocity multiplied by mass. I believe God is calling us to take steps (velocity) toward the desires of our hearts. And as we move, the weight (mass) of His glory will propel us toward our destiny. There will be an acceleration during 2017 and we will go from glory to glory.

What do you feel God has called you to do? What work has He begun in your heart? Now is not the time to shy back, or take a break. No, now is the time persevere, move forward, take chances, step out of the boat. As you do what only you can do, God will do what only He can do.

Expect great things in 2017. Expect promotions, greater influence, greater revelation, greater opportunities to preach the gospel, more doors opening. Expect to rapidly move forward in 2017. Expect momentum.