The Power of the Cross

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit showed me an empty interrogation room to represent Easter. His resurrection not only atoned for my sin, it removed all accusations, all guilt, all shame, all condemnation.

He rose with all power and all authority. He made a spectacle of the enemy and sat down at the right hand of God with every evil, every principality under his feet. But then he conjoined Himself to us and sat us with him in heavenly places. All evil, every principality is under our feet. He gave us power and authority to defeat every obstacle that comes our way.

He rose so we can rise.
He defeated so we have victory.
He resurrected so we can have resurrected power flowing within us.
He took back the Kingdom so that we have authority.
He made a spectacle of the enemy so that we can stand unaccusable, unashamable, uncondemnable, unguiltable.

This is the power of Easter! This is why we celebrate His rising. It was not a parlor trick. Surely not a hoax. His resurrection was the:
Single greatest act of love.
The most powerful miracle of all.
The most extraordinary restoration of all time.
The most productive redemption known to mankind.
The most significant victory ever won.

Let us not minimize the power of the cross. But let us go out and live resurrected lives. Let us be a walking demonstration of the power of the cross. Let us celebrate His resurrection everyday!

He got up so we can get up!

Happy Easter Monday!