Preemptive Strike Day 11


Deuteronomy 28, in my opinion, is what the life of a believer should look like. It is a conditional Old Testament promise that epitomizes the heart of God for His children. If the nation of Israel obeyed, all of these blessings would come upon them.

Now, we all know, they could not and did not obey perfectly. We also know, we cannot nor do we obey perfectly. But the difference between us and them is Jesus.

We have a Savior who obeyed perfectly. He fulfilled the covenant. He paid the price. He obtained what we could not and then He chose to conjoin Himself with us and make us co-heirs.

Deuteronomy 27:1-14, can be a reality for us in 2020. Let’s pray:

“Lord thank you for the sacrifice of Christ. Thank you for His perfect obedience. Thank you that you have made us Co-heirs with Christ. Father, in this new decade we want to see the fullness of our inheritance in Christ.

Because of Christ’s obedience, I ask you to bless me in my community, my city, my state, my nation, and the world. Bless my children. Bless the ministry you have given me. Bless me at work. Bless my writing, my bible studies, and my teaching.

Lord, defeat my enemies who attack me. They will come at me one way but run away from me in seven ways.

Bless me at work. Bless me as I minister to others. Bless me as I preach the gospel. Bless me at the place where you call me to serve. Bless me in the land you have given me. Bless me as I come in and bless me as I go out.

Form me Lord as Holy to you. Teach me to live as you have shown me. Let my lifestyle lead others to a saving knowledge of Christ.

In this new decade, Lord, lavish your blessing upon me and my family. Bless me in the land you have promised me. Throw open the doors of your sky vault and provide all the resources I need to do what you have called me to do. I will give generously to those in need. Father, make me the head and not the tail. Let me be the top dog.

Father, let me walk that fine line of walking in obedience but not relying on my own obedience. Keep reminding me that these blessings are a result of Jesus’ obedience.

Father, this decade will be marked with success for me and my family. Amen.”

This prayer was based on Deuteronomy 28:1-14 MSG