Preemptive Strike 2020

Friends, I am taking a preemptive strike on 2020. Everyday in December, I am praying for my future. Join me in praying and let’s see what God will do. Our prayers avail much. So let us avail much in 2020. Let’s began 2020 by taking ground for God.

Prayer for 2020 Day 1 – More

Father we thank you for every blessing that came our way in 2019. We thank you for every trial you saw us through, for every pain that was healed, every prayer you answered. You were faithful in 2019 and we know you will be faithful in 2020.

Father, we thank you for taking us from glory to glory in 2020. So we ask for more!

In 2020 we ask for a greater revelation of how much you love us and a greater capacity to love those whom you love – the poor, the marginalized, the outcasts, the foreigner. Let us love others well as you do. Give us a greater revelation of your character. Let us hunger and thirst for your presence and satisfy our hunger.

We ask for a greater demonstration of your power. May we see more people healed, more of the miraculous as we lay hands on the sick. May we hear your voice more clearly. Increase our prophetic voice so that more people will come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Increase our realm of influence. Give us more opportunities to preach the gospel, to teach others of your grace, to set captives free. Give us more favor with our employers, the unsaved, government officials and those in finance.

Father provide exceedingly above more than we can ask, think or imagine. Bless us so that we can be a blessing. Give us faith to dream big without regard to finances. But help us become better stewards of our finances.

Father we thank you that this new decade will be marked by more of you. A greater revelation of your love. More signs and wonders. More salvations. More power. More provision. Lord, we ask for more.