Preemptive Strike 2020 Day 2

Preemptive Strike 2020

Day 2 – Unity in America

Father, we thank you for this great nation in which we live. We thank you for the freedoms we enjoy, the prosperity we experience, and the beauty of the diversity we share.

Father, we ask in 2020 that you would bless America.

Heal our land Lord of racial tension. Father give us an empathetic heart to understand situations from different perspectives. Let our words, especially our words concerning people of different ethnic groups, be gracious and seasoned with salt. Let no unwholesome words proceed out of our mouth. But let our words bring edification and reconciliation.

Heal our hearts of past prejudice acts against us, insensitive words or comments spoken toward us, and unfair treatments. Teach us to love as you love; forgive as you forgive. Teach us to show mercy and kindness even to those who are of a different opinion.

Holy Spirit we ask that you reveal any lies we are believing about people of different ethnic groups, religious denominations, or political party. Replace those lies with Truth. Give us wisdom to discern the wiles of the enemy. Let us recognize immediately when he is sowing seeds of division. Grant us the courage and fortitude of spirit to stand against his schemes of division.

Let your house truly be a house for all nations. We stand against the spirit of racism and separatism. We cast it out of our church assemblies but most importantly out of our hearts. We long for and desire that our places of worship in 2020 will model heaven on earth – people from every tribe, nation, people group, and language worshipping God together.

Give us courage and strength in 2020 to stand up for, preach, and model racial reconciliation in our homes, our schools, our communities, and in our churches. Heal our land Lord of racial tension.


“After this I looked, and behold, right in front of me I saw a vast multitude of people—an enormous multitude so huge that no one could count—made up of victorious ones from every nation, tribe, people group, and language. They were all in glistening white robes, standing before the throne and before the Lamb with palm branches in their hands. And they shouted out with a passionate voice: “Salvation belongs to our God seated on the throne and to the Lamb!””
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭7:9-10‬ ‭TPT‬‬