Preemptive Strike 2020 – Restoration

Day 4 – Redeem and Restore

This morning as I awoke, my heart was heavy with regret. My mind was bombarded with choices I had made, wishing for a do over. Then from the regret came hopelessness. Not sure what triggered these emotions this morning but I know the cure – prayer.

Father, I thank you that you are a God who resurrects, redeems and restores. You who resurrected the widow’s son and Lazarus, can resurrect my seemingly dead circumstances. You who would redeemed Joseph from jail, can redeem my mistakes. You who restored Job, can restore every area of my life.

Father, I ask that this coming year my life will be marked by your redemptive and restorative power.

Father, redeem and restore mistakes we made raising our children. Let our children walk in their gifts and callings. You have a purpose for their lives. Let them recognize it and walk towards it.

Father, redeem and restore financial mistakes we have made. What the enemy stole or what we ignorantly gave away, redeem and restore 100 fold.

Father, redeem and restore friendships. Let my heart trust again.

Father, redeem and restore hope. Any area in my life that has grown weary in the wait, any area that has succumb to the status quo, any area that has given up, restore hope.

Father, I lay down my regrets, my mistakes at your feet. I know you are able and willing to redeem and restore every area of my life. Father, I thank you that you restore without making us feel guilty, ashamed or condemned. So I reject those emotions. I stand boldly before you with anticipation and excitement to see how you will restore.

Father, thank you. In 2020, I will see your restoration in many areas of my life. Amen.