Each year I am overwhelmed by students asking for letters of recommendations. To help write a letter that is personal, I ask the students to complete a survey. This response captured my heart.

What was your favorite memory from my class?
“My favorite memory of calculus BC would have to be being greeted by you everyday. No matter what was happening that day or how long the week felt you always greeted me with a smile and such positivity. Even though I might have been stressed for a test or quiz your positivity showed me there are more important things in life than a grade. Whether is was through your teaching or singing along to music your positivity showed me how important joy and kindness is. You have inspired me to be more positive and spread joy through all things like you do. Having a more positive outlook and mindset helped me not only through calculus but other challenges and activities. Your attitude showed me that positivity can be used to promote success and lift others up.”

Now, I’m not sharing this to point to me. I share this as a reminder of how much kindness matter. I want to remind you of the power of a smile, a laugh.

It costs nothing to be kind.
No degree is necessary to encourage.
A position in the church isn’t needed to love people.

I don’t always do this right. But after reading this young’s man response, I’m asking the Holy Spirit to help me be better, not just at work but in the grocery store, in my neighborhood, at church, in my realm of influence.

Our hope in Christ should be evident to all we encounter. Sometimes our best sermons are preached without even opening our mouths.

Paul encourages us to: “Live a cheerful life, without complaining or division among yourselves. For then you will be seen as innocent, faultless, and pure children of God, even though you live in the midst of a brutal and perverse culture. For you will appear among them as shining lights in the universe, offering them the words of eternal life. I haven’t labored among you for nothing, for your lives are the fruit of my ministry and will be my glorious boast at the unveiling of Christ!” Philippians‬ ‭2:14-16‬ ‭TPT