Jehovah Nissi

They complained. We have no food. Have you brought us out here to die? Would it not have been better to die captive in Egypt?

God gave them Manna. It sustained them for forty years. Everyday God gave them enough for the day.

They complained. We have no water and we are thirsty. Did you bring us out here to die. Would it not have been better to die in Egypt.

God told Moses to strike the rock. Water flowed. The people were satisfied.

They were attacked. Moses stood, arms raised, a position of worship. As long as his arms were raised, the army of God prevailed. They were victorious.

“Moses built an altar and named it The LORD is My Banner;”Exodus‬ ‭17:15‬ ‭NASB‬

One translation says, “The Lord is my miracle.”

Over and over again, God proved Himself faithful. He did the miraculous time and time again. Yet the moment trouble arose, they questioned His goodness, His faithfulness. Unfortunately, I can relate to the children of Israel. Can you? Have you experienced the high of watching God do the impossible, only to let the next trial take you back to a place of doubt?

We should do what Moses did. Build an altar and declare: “The Lord is My Miracle!” When trials come, when bad news is proclaimed, when I am at my lowest, I will raise my hands and shout, “The Lord is my miracle. I will not fear. I will not question God’s faithfulness. I will not doubt His goodness. I will trust because the Lord is my miracle and His banner over me is Love.”

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