He Qualifies the Unqualified

Tall, handsome, the eldest of eight. Surely if the Lord were to pick the next King Of Israel from one of Jesse’s sons, Eliab would be it. But alas, he was not the chosen one. Instead God chose the youngest, the shepherd, a mere boy who was so insignificant to his family that he wasn’t even invited to the selection party.

You may feel about yourself as David’s family felt about him. Who am I to write the next best seller, start a new trendy business, preach the gospel in foreign lands, compose the next great American opera, change the atmosphere of my work place? Who am I to make a difference?

But just as God took this unqualified, unlikely, undeserving kid and promised him a Kingdom, He has taken you -unqualified, undeserving, unlikely – and given you a promise to rule and reign in His kingdom.

He qualifies the unqualified.
He gives favor to the undeserving.
He rigs the odds for the unlikely.

Do not filter God’s promise for you through the opinions of others. Do not allow who you are today, to dictate who you will become tomorrow. David had to learn to get out of the shadow of his brothers and see himself as King. What has God promised you? See yourself as God sees you.

“When they arrived, Samuel took one look at Eliab and thought, “Surely this is the Lord’s anointed!” But the Lord said to Samuel, “Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.””
‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭16:6-7‬ ‭NLT

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