Giant Slayer

On the journey to your promise, you may encounter a giant or two. Young David is the quintessential giant slayer. Let’s learn from David how to engage and be victorious in the battle.

1. Never be intimidated by the size of your giant. Be impressed by the size of your God. Israel’s army, trained warriors, fled in fear at the sight of the giant. David saw an easy target. (1 Samuel 17:24, 25)

2. Never allow other people’s opinion of you to diminish the call of God on your life. See yourself as God sees you. David’s brothers saw his as insolent. Saul saw him as a kid. David saw himself as a mighty warrior for God even though he had never been in battle before. (I Samuel 17: 28, 29, 32-37)

3. Be eager to face your giants. For forty days the giant taunted Israel’s army. But David was like, “Oh no, this ends today!” The longer we allow a giant to persist, the greater foothold it secures in our lives. (I Samuel 17:32)

4. Be yourself when confronting your giants. God has uniquely created you to fight the giants you will face. David’s choice of weapon and armor did not make sense to Saul, a trained warrior. But David had to be true to himself. Be true to who God has called you to be. (I Samuel 17:38-40)

5. Recognize the battle is not yours but the Lord’s. Go into battle as sons and daughters. Enter the battle confidently, knowing the God of Angel’s armies fight for you. (I Samuel 17:45)

6. Prophesy your victory. Before he engaged in the fight, David declared exactly what was going to happen. Look at your giant and prophesy your victory, his defeat. Put your giant on notice that his torment, his lies, his influence in your life ends today! (I Samuel 17:45-47)

7. Cut off your giant’s head. After Goliath was down, David finished the job by cutting off his head. Once you have defeated the giant, do not allow him back in your life. Do not partner with him again. The act of cutting off his head is significant for two reasons. First, it symbolizes the victory is complete. This giant you saw today, you will see no more forever! Secondly, it serves as a trophy, a reminder that you are a giant slayer. When the next giant raises his ugly head, you can say, “I’ve severed one giant’s head and I will do the same you.”

Friends, you are a giant slayer. You have been equipped, anointed and commissioned to slay every giant that comes your way. But remember our giants are never people. Our giants are spiritual wickedness and principalities.

Go and slay your giant today!

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