Happily Ever After

Sometimes, you have to fight for your happy ending. God had promised the nation of Israel this land flowing with milk and honey, a land full of possibilities, a land of abundance, a land of rest. There was just one problem – giants who were not ready to give it up.

The nation of Israel had to engage in a battle to take what was promised. Now on paper, this small nation should have been destroyed by their foes. Sometimes nations would unite and fight against them. But they were victorious. Why? They had a promise and God.

As believers, God has given us many promises. Our children will be blessed, our marriages happy, our bodies healthy, favor everywhere we go, open doors not mention the personal promises spoken over us. But sometimes our realities and our happily ever afters seem a thousand miles apart. And we, like the nation of Israel, need to engage in a fight.

Now remember, our fight is never, ever, against people. Our fight is a spiritual one. Our fight is fought by declaring and decreeing the Word of God, by cultivating the fruit of the Spirit, by demonstrating the gifts of the Spirit, with prayer and fasting, with demonstrations of mercy and love, with generous giving, and with radical obedience. This is how we fight for our happy ending! This is how we take our promised land.

Never settle for anything less than the complete fulfillment of God’s promises to you. Happily ever after was not invented by fairy tale writers, it was God’s idea. Go fight for your happy ever after!

“Joshua conquered the whole land, just as the LORD had promised Moses, and he assigned Israel their tribal portions. Then the land was free of war.”
‭‭Joshua‬ ‭11:23‬ ‭NET‬‬

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