Wait Well

Caleb was 40 years old. A young man. Full of faith. When everyone around him was full of fear, he stood with Joshua and declared God was able to defeat the giants and give them their promised land. He was a man of courage. A man of faith. A man with a promise.

Fast forward 45 years. Caleb had spent 40 years wandering the desert because of the disbelief of his countrymen. 5 years helping Joshua conquer the land. Caleb is now 85. No longer a young man. Past his prime. His good years are behind him. Yet he is still a man of courage. A man of faith. A man with a promise. For 45 years he had waited patiently for his inheritance. For 45 years he had clung to a hope. For 45 years he kept sight of his promised land. Maybe it was this hope that kept him strong. Perhaps, it was his expectations that kept him youthful. But at 85 Caleb has the same tenacity and confidence in God, as he had at 40.

You maybe thinking, I don’t want to wait 45 years before I step into my promise. Me either. But I want to wait like Caleb. I want to remain courageous. I want to remain tenacious and confident in God. I want to keep the faith and remain loyal to the promise. I want a heart like Caleb’s.

“I was forty years old when Moses, the LORD’s servant, sent me from Kadesh Barnea to spy on the land and I brought back to him an honest report. My countrymen who accompanied me frightened the people, but I remained loyal to the LORD my God.

So now, look, the LORD has preserved my life, just as he promised, these past forty-five years since the LORD spoke these words to Moses, during which Israel traveled through the wilderness. Now look, I am today eighty-five years old. Today I am still as strong as when Moses sent me out. I can fight and go about my daily activities with the same energy I had then.”
‭‭Joshua‬ ‭14:7-8, 10-11‬ ‭NET‬‬

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