Comfort Zones

I’m reading a devotional this morning entitled Next. This thought grab my attention:

“Remember that nothing great or extraordinary happens in your comfort zone.”

The problem with comfort zones is that they keep changing. What was a risk for you in a former season, has now become your new comfort zone. God keeps pushing the limits, keeps drawing you out into deeper water.

This morning I’m asking God, “Has this season become my new comfort zone? Is it time to step deeper? What does that step look like?”

Stepping out of our comfort zone is scary. But when we are faithful to do God’s will, we will receive what God has promised. God has not called us to shrink back, He has called us to trust Him; He has called us to live by faith.

So join me in asking God, “what is the next step of faith I’m supposed to take.” Then let’s go into the deep water. Yes, it’s scary out here in the deep but it’s also exciting and rewarding. This is where the good stories happen. This is where we get to experience God in new ways. This where we were born to live – out of our comfort zones and into the deep. Let’s go!

“So don’t throw away that courage of yours, which carries with it such a great reward. For you need to hold out; so that, by having done what God wills, you may receive what he has promised. For “There is so, so little time! The One coming will indeed come, he will not delay. But the person who is righteous will live his life by trusting, and if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him.” However, we are not the kind who shrink back and are destroyed; on the contrary, we keep trusting and thus preserve our lives!”
‭‭Messianic Jews (Heb)‬ ‭10:35-39‬ ‭CJB‬‬

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