The movie Wonder, starring Julia Roberts is a fun, uplifting movie about a boy with a facial disfigurement. One of the minor characters, Miranda, was a former friend turned foe. As the story unfolds and just as you are beginning to really dislike her character, the director brilliantly introduced Miranda’s backstory. How did this once trusted friend suddenly become an enemy? Knowing Miranda’s backstory changed everything. No longer do you dislike her character. Suddenly your heart is broken for her, suddenly you find yourself sympathizing and rooting for Miranda. As I watched this movie, I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if life were like a movie and just as we were beginning to judge, dislike or get frustrated with someone, God would reveal their backstory?”

The woman at the well had a backstory. She is often portrayed as immoral and sinful. Rejected by men. Rejected by her community. Rejected by society. This was her backstory. That is what brought her to the well at this moment. But backstories are incomplete until they are invaded by Jesus. This woman whose backstory was filled with the pain, the scorn, the shame of rejection, after an encounter with Jesus, now had a new story, a forever story.

After Jesus invaded her heart, her story would no longer be of one who was rejected but of one who was accepted in the Beloved. Her story was no longer the one who had been divorced five times but was now the story of the Bride of Christ. This would be her new story. Her complete story. Her forever story. He story now reads:

“I met a man who told me the secrets of my heart. I met the Messiah who despite my past, despite my brokenness, despite my marital status accepted me and set me free.”

When Jesus invades our hearts, we are no longer victims of our backstory. We become people with a NOW story filled with hope, joy and possibilities. Allow Jesus to invade your backstory today!

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