All Night Long

Growing up, every year we watched The Ten Commandments. I must admit, my knowledge of Exodus comes more from that movie than what is actually in the bible.

But I remember the dramatic scene when Moses lifted his staff and the sea immediately parted and they immediately started walking. But that is not how the bible tells the story. The bible says it took all night for the sea to part. Why is that significant?

Too often we expect to see results immediately after an act of obedience. I’m sure that had to be the longest night of Israelites lives. Waiting while a strong, angry army pursued them. The army is getting closer and closer while they are seeing something no one has seen before. There is no place to run. Nowhere to go. It’s God or bust. And they are waiting for an entire night.

Have you stepped out in faith? Have you heard God’s call, obeyed and now you feel as if you are between an angry army and a sea? Does this seem like the longest season of your life?

Heed the voice of the Lord, “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” Stretch forth your staff (pray and declare) and watch the Lord part your sea. The enemy may seem hot on your trail, but God is setting you up so that the struggle you face today, you will see no more forever! Don’t loose heart. God is parting your sea. Dry land is coming in the morning!

“Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the LORD drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided, and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left.”
‭‭Exodus‬ ‭14:21-22‬ ‭NIV‬‬