A Love Letter from God

What if we viewed the Ten Commandments as a love letter from God. What if we saw it simply as the God of the infinite wisdom, giving us rules to live a prosperous life. Perhaps, it would sound like this:

1. Many will try to steal your heart. Many will promise riches and fame. But you will see their price is your life, your peace, your riches. I am a benevolent, loving Father. I want the best for you. Choose me above all others for I will bless you so that you will be a blessing. I will give you life not take it.

2. I am beyond what you can ever think, dream or imagine. Do not waste your time, money, or resources trying to imitate that which is in heaven. It will only become a stumbling block for you.

3. I am a God of love and justice. When you speak of me, communicate my love, my goodness, and my faithfulness to the people. Let my name communicate who I truly am – merciful, gracious, kind, powerful.

4. Rest. Take a day to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

5. Love and honor your parents.

6. Life is sacred. I will fight your battles therefore there is no reason to take another person’s life. Let no parent, spouse, or child grieve because of your actions.

7. Be a person of integrity and honor the vows you made to your spouse. Love them, as I have loved you. It is in being faithful to your spouse, you demonstrate my faithfulness to your children.

8. I will supply all of your needs. There is no reason to take what is not yours.

9. No matter how difficult the truth may be, choose to be honest. Avoid speaking falsely against anyone. It will only stir up strife and contention with your neighbors. Trust that I can turn even difficult truths around for your good.

10. Choose contentment. When you covet what others have, it will rob you of your joy and peace. It will tempt you to violate my word.

My children, I give you these commandments, not to control you but so you will live a life of peace with your fellow man. If these are too difficult to remember, that’s okay. We can summarize these commands into two:

1. Love me with all your heart and soul and
2. Love everyone else as you love yourself.

I am placing my spirit within you to make this easy for you. I am giving you grace to empower you to keep these commandments. And when you mess up and still fail, I have sent my son to make amends for your errors.

I am the God who loves you. I give you these commandments because I love you.

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