The Master Repurposer

With the popularity of Home Improvement shows and websites like Pinterest, Repurpose has become a popular term in our society.

Repurpose – take something that is old, outdated, and unwanted and give it a make over and a new purpose.

I was thinking this morning how God is the Master “Repurposer”. He can takes things that were designed to harm us, belittle us, break us and uses them to benefit, encourage, and heal us.

He took Joseph’s brothers jealousy and repurposed it to save a nation.

He took David’s greatest sin and repurposed it to produce the wisest king ever.

He took His friend’s Lazarus’ death and repurposed as a prophetic act of his coming resurrection.

He took the shame of the cross and repurposed it as a symbol of hope, love, redemption, and forgiveness.

He take the ashes of our lives and repurpose them for beauty.

Friends, what in your life is causing you grief, stress, tears? Lay it at the Savior’s feet. Allow the Master Repurposer to take the biting sting of your pain and repurpose it to teach you, promote you, to prosper you, to give you a deeper revelation of His love.

Let Him repurpose your
Sickness into a testimony of his healing power.
Lack into a revelation of His faithfulness.
Disappointment into perseverance.
Rejection into a ministry of inclusion.
Biting words of derision into a heart that loves the difficult.
Sorrow into garments of praise.

Give your unwanted circumstances to the Ultimate Repurposer and see the beautiful masterpiece He creates.

“Then the One sitting on the throne said, “Look! I am making everything new!” Also he said, “Write, ‘These words are true and trustworthy!’””
‭‭Revelation 21:5‬a CJB