A Day in the Life

The 8th chapter of Luke, seems like the year 2020 for Jesus.

He got in a boat and a storm arose that was so fierce even seasoned fishermen panicked.
He got off the boat and was confronted by a demon-possessed madman who had a history of intimidating the locals.
The village where he landed rejected him and asked Him to leave their area.
An unclean woman touched him. She not only made Him unclean but delayed Him and a young girl died.
He went to heal a young girl and was mocked for his faith.

But despite all that happened in Luke 8, Jesus never denied himself.
He didn’t allow the storm to change his course;
the madman to make him mad;
the rejection to make him bitter or change His message;
The unclean to defile him;
A delay to deter Him;
The mocking of others to make Him loose His faith.

That message is speaking volumes to me today. I can’t allow the ugliness, the uncertainty, the fear, the division in this world at this moment to change me, deter me, cause me to behave contrary to who I am in Christ.

So, in these tumultuous times, I am learning to do what Jesus did in Luke 8.

I will take authority over the storm and declare peace. And the storm will calm.

When confronted with difficult people, I will recognize I do not wrestle with flesh and blood but against powers of darkness. I will love people while commanding the darkness to flee.

When rejected, I will not demand my own way. I will remember I am accepted in the Beloved, I’ve been equipped by the Father. I will continue to speak the message I have been given – in season and out of season.

When I see the hurting, I will stop, pray with them, bring hope and healing.

When mocked for my faith, I will not defend, simply keep contending, keep believing, keep trusting.

This is what Jesus did. And what was the fruit?
The disciples learned to take authority.
A man was set free.
A woman healed.
A daughter resurrected and returned to her parents.

That is fruit of doing what Jesus did, knowing your identity in Christ, and being true to who God called you to be.

That is how I want to live my life. Anyone want to join me?