I heard this testimony from my spiritual daughter Jaymee:
Jaymee’s cat had been sick since the beginning of the year. We have prayed and believed for Starfish. The doctors did a biopsy and found nothing where they thought it was cancer. We rejoiced and praised God. But then Starfish got sick again. Jaymee was having a conversation with her vet through tears. The vet was giving her options but pretty much saying, “we don’t know what is wrong or how to fix it.” Jaymee, who is not in the medical field, remembered a “House” episode where they did this unusual diagnostic procedure and asked the vet if they could do that on Starfish. The vet agreed and they were able to successfully diagnose Starfish. Starfish is back to her old self.

Do you have a situation in your life and you do not know what to do? You have tried what has worked in the past to no avail. You have asked and heeded advice from others but still no change. God is not a formulaic God. (As a math person, He and I have had many conversations about this.) He wants to give you the wisdom you need for today. Just as His mercies are new and available to you every morning, so is His wisdom.

Ask God for His wisdom on how to parent that child, market that new business, save your marriage, navigate your workplace, care for your aging parents, finance that idea. He will give you creative ideas, bring people and thoughts to your mind. He ways are higher than ours but He is willing to share if we ask. Today, God is generously giving out new mercies and new wisdom. Receive it!

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