Who is Waiting on Whom?

As people of Grace, we say and I fully believe, that many of the promises given by God are ours today because of Jesus’ perfect obedience and not ours. However, that does not absolve us from walking in obedience.

Picture a mom telling her child, “We will go get ice cream as soon as you finish cleaning your room.” The child comes back in 10 minutes. “Mom, can we go get ice cream?” “Is your room clean?”

The other morning, I was talking with God. Actually, I was sort of whining like a child. Anyway, I asked God for something He had promised me. His response was quick, “As soon as you do the last thing I told you to do.” 

I felt stuck. Not because God was withholding but because He was waiting. 

So then I had to ask, “Why am I having difficulty obeying?” And the culprit is familiar: Fear of rejection. (I believe fear is the root of all sin.) God has asked me to do something that is risky. My thoughts are: What if I’m not good enough? What if “they” don’t like me? What if “they” find me offensive?  What if this door slams in my face? What if?

So I made excuse after excuse, not cleaning my room and every 10 minutes asking God if we can go get some ice cream?

But once I recognized my fear, I confronted my fear. I remembered that even if I’m rejected by man, I’m always accepted in the Beloved. I remembered that God is for me; therefore no man can stand against me. I remembered there is NO failure in Christ only opportunities to learn and grow. But most importantly, I remembered I am loved. His perfect love for me casts out all fear.

These thoughts propel me to take a step. I pick up the broom and begin to sweep and you know what happened ? The Holy Spirit was right there! He was there to guide me, reveal areas where I missed, make me laugh, empower me to clean, and give me insight on how to clean. He said, “Sweetie, I never intended for you to do it alone! I just needed you to take the first step.”

Friends, are you waiting on God this morning or is God waiting on you? Go clean your room. The ice cream is waiting and it is delicious!

“And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.”

Psalms 90:17 NKJV

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