Tips to Make the Most of 2021

The New Year is one of my favorite holidays. The New Year is full of dreams and possibilities. It’s like starting a new math problem on clean sheet of paper and a newly sharpened pencil.

Reading through my devotional this morning, I discovered two tips to making 2021 the best year yet.

Tip 1 – Declare what you want to see in 2021 (Genesis 1)

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. How? By speaking. Where there was darkness, God spoke light. Where there was nothingness, God spoke life. He said, let there be and there was.

Melissa, is this some name it and claim it nonesense? No. This allowing our mouth to agree with God’s will. This is acting like our Father.

This first day of 2021, we are still faced with the chaos and darkness of 2020. So let’s do what our Father did in chaos. Speak.

Where there is hopelessness say, “Let there be hope.”
Where there is regret, say, “Let there be redemption.”
Where there is injustice, say, “Let there be justice.”

Because you were made in the likeness of God, because of the atoning work of Jesus, your words have both power and authority. In 2021, use your words to bring peace to the chaos that surrounds.

Tip 2 – Embrace the Unexpected (Luke 1:26-38)

Mary was a starry eyed young maiden planning a marriage. She was full of hopes and dreams about what her life would look like. She would marry Joseph, have plenty of children, and live an unassuming yet happy, ordinary, 1st century life.

Being an unwed mother, I’m sure, was not on her bucket list.
Being scorned and rejected by her family was not on her “Things to Accomplish in AD 01” list.

But Mary, willingly and some translations indicate joyfully, laid down her plans for God’s plans. She allowed God to interrupt her safe, comfortable plans. She risked her fiancé, her reputation, her stability, her livelihood to say “YES” to God.

Mary’s response to the angel is full of courage, faith, boldness, and trust:

“See, I am the Lord’s servant, May it happen to me as you have said.”
‭Luke 1:38 CSB‬

One of the reasons 2020 was hard for me was because it interrupted my plans. It interfered with my dreams. Here is a secret: Goal oriented people are not usually flexible.

Maybe God used the pandemic (God was not the author of the pandemic. Only one comes to kill, steal, and destroy) to teach us to be more like Mary. To remind us that the miraculous occur when we are led by Him.

In 2021 submit your plans to Him
Plan but make room for the Holy Spirit.
Dream, but allow God to map your journey.
Expect but trust His timing.
Keep your eyes on your destination but embrace the detours along the way.
Expect the miraculous.

I’m declaring: “Let 2021 be a great year of spiritual prosperity, greater revelation, more love, more power, greater unity, greater harvesting of souls.”

I’m also humbly declaring, “See, I am the Lord’s servant, May it happen to me as you have ordained.”

Happy New Year Friends!