The Miracle of Christmas – A Leader we Can Trust

We just completed another contentious election season. A season where each candidate pointed out what was wrong with their opponent and by the time the mud-slinging and accusations were done, I was left yearning for a none of the above choice.

While our current political system is lacking, I’m glad to be an American. However, I am more thankful I belong to the kingdom of God.

In this kingdom, the King is everlasting, He loves His people. He rules with complete justice and peace. In this kingdom, you have 24/7 access to the king; He is never too busy to sit and chat with you. In His Kingdom there is no hidden agenda, you can trust this King simply wants to give you a hope and a future. He has the best healthcare system, the best retirement plan, and provides generously so no welfare is needed. Our King is perfect, no guile is found in Him. He is the only King who left His throne to come and live among His people. He never slings mud. He doesn’t condemn. He is above accusations.

How do you become part of this Kingdom? You don’t have to go to an election poll and show ID because This King knows you personally. You don’t have to sit through hours of narcissistic debates because He has no equal. You don’t have to reconsider your choice every four years. You simply have to vote once. In the quietness of your heart, you simply say Yes to Jesus. You invite Him to be Lord over your life and at that moment His peace, His presence, His kingdom will begin to rule and reign in your heart.

No matter how distasteful I may find our politics, I will choose to participate. But my hope, my faith is anchored in my King alone. Presidents come and go, but King Jesus is eternal.

Receive the miracle of Christmas this morning – King Jesus!